First steps to setting up your business in Ireland

Greater market share, the reduced cost of doing business abroad, access to local expertise and favourable tax regimes are among the key factors driving businesses to expand their operations overseas through foreign direct investment.

Ireland has a long track record as the destination of choice for large multinational companies. Its reputation for attracting high-growth global companies is also thriving. Businesses can benefit from a strong pool of local talent, a streamlined visa process for non-European citizens and a long-established, innovative and robust infrastructure.

But while setting up your business in Ireland may have its advantages - get it wrong and the implications could prove costly. So having an Irish adviser to help you is a critical first step.

Our step-by-step approach helps you navigate the administrative and practical challenges of establishing and expanding your overseas business investment in Ireland in a systematic and efficient way. We do this to deliver on your individual needs, plan and budget.

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